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Name: Emilou Black.
Alias(es): Emilou Apache/Apacci.
Species: Hyur.
Race: Hume (Arrancar).
Chakra Element:
    Natural - Water.
    Hollow -

Reiatsu Colour: Red.
Mist Mutation:
    Higher-than-average base Chakra levels.
    Higher-than-average physical strength.
    Increased lifespan. Late Onset.

Approx. Height: 5'1"
Eye Colour: The left is brown, the right is blue.
Hair Colour: Black.
Distinguishing Features: Heterochromia.
Nationality: Jyllandi.
City of Birth: Nagapur.
Birthdate: Bloodfire 17th.
Esper: Chaos, the Walker of the Wheel.
Education: High School.
Occupation: Arrancar.
    Public - Clan Skite.
    Private - Arrancar, Clan Khamja.

    Class #1: Commando.
    Class #2: Thief.
    Class #3: Berserker.

Other Learned Classes: Red Mage.
Weapon(s): Two curved, vaguely sickle-like knives.
Allowed Aeon: Ayon.
Other Aeons if Applicable: N/A
Other Abilities:
    Jyllandi - First-language fluent.
    Standard Spiran - Second-language fluent.
    Taijutsu - Proficient.
      General Skills - Practitioner.
      Suiton Class - Novice.

Qualifications: N/A
Zanpakuto: Hollow-Type - Cierva.
    Mask Fragment: A unicorn-like horn, with bone attachment.
      Estigma - She gains a red ring around her left eye.
      Bala - An instant, high-speed, sound-based blast of energy.Fired from either fist.
      Cero - A powerful beam of non-elemental energy. Fired from her horn.
      Hierro - A 'skin' of compressed Chakra that vastly enhances physical defense.
      Sonido - High speed movement comparable to Shunpo.
      Pesquisa - A sonar-like Reiatsu detection system.
      Descorrer - The ability to open a Garganta to allow travel between the Visible and Unseen worlds.
    Resurección: "Thrust, Cierva."
      Appearance - Her appearance alters, giving her brown fur, hoofed feet, antlers and a small cervine tail. Her Estigma also extends to both eyes. Additionally, both eyes become brown.
      Ability 1 -
      Ability 2 -
      Ability 3 -
      Ability 4 -
      Ability 5 -

Zanpakuto Spirit Form: A Sleipnir-type Hollow.
Limit Breaks:
    Naturally Gained:
      ⌘ Limit 1 - Description.
      ⌘ Limit 2 - Description.
      ⌘ Limit 3 - Description.
    Hollow Limits:
      ⌘ Limit 1 - Description.
      ⌘ Limit 2 - Description.



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Icon keywords from:
    1: One Man Army by Our Lady Peace
    2: Stand My Ground by Within Temptation
    3: Army Inside by Lacuna Coil
    4: The Fighter by In This Moment
    5: Iron Army by In This Moment
    6: Stand by Machinae Supremacy
    7: Headstrong by Trapt